Mission Statement

We are dedicated to pioneering a new-age of digital game play which is built on safety, sustained by the trust of our customers, and inspired by the millions of old and new Neopets players alike. We put immense value in the trust you give us, as you continue on supporting us we promise to always support you.


The Process to Buy Neopoints

The way you purchase neopoints is pretty straight forward. You happen to stumble upon and realize we’re the most reliable neopoints supplier in existence, so you go onto our Buy Neopoints link up on the main-navigation. Once you sort through the three possibilities of 1 million, 5 million, and 10 million neopoints and have made your decision add it to cart and checkout. Now the team will begin to process your order. The process of delivery varies dependent on the amount of neopoints you buy.

  • 1,000,000 Neopoints – You simply setup a junk trade on your Neopets account through the trading post, we offer the neopoints you purchased on it and sometimes throw in a valuable gift or two just for you!
  • 5,000,000 and Above – The email which you use to signup during checkout with will get an email from us containing a (delivery-account) which is a Neopets account containing whatever amount of neopoints you purchase. It will come in the following format – Username:Password:Birthday:Pin – These delivery accounts are yours to keep afterwards, and were created specifically by our team to contain your neopoints.



I Get Rewarded When I Buy Neopoints?!

The simple answer is yes! All purchases made throughout will receive 10% back in the form of “Reward Points” – You can in turn use these points to buy neopoints, items, neocash, or even UC’s. There is an upcoming weekly raffle, you will be able to spend points on tickets to win much much larger prizes. You will also be able to earn points through countless other means:

  • Referrals.
  • Social Referrals such as likes, shares, comments, etc.
  • Blog post comments.
  • Verified Product Reviews
  • Video Testimonials (This will be most lucrative)


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Custom Orders?

You need something we don’t have listed through any of our main-categories? Well no worries, we have access to every neopets and neocash item so we can still procure anything you’re seeking. The prices don’t change for custom orders at all – It’s still $3/million Neopoints and $2/Cap for all Neocash. Updated Neocash values here. All messages received will be answered within (1) business day, containing a purchase link for whatever items you’re wanting to purchase.

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November 10th, 2015

Happy Pteri Day! Head on over to the Rainbow Pool to try out the latest colours, Biscuit and Strawberry! Your Pteri will be excited to go off to school with this new outfit! Shop this look at the Clothing Shop. The Customisation Spotlight has been updated! Don’t...

November 7th and 8th, 2015

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November 6th, 2015

The next time you visit Qasala, drop in at Words of Antiquity, where you will find two new tablets available. The Crumbling Tablet may not be very easy to understand, but the Future of Fire discusses the ramifications of the discovery of fire. A new selection of Poems...

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